5 Essentials to work with Travel Influencer Marketing - Part II

5 Essentials to work with Travel Influencer Marketing

The Mocinno team experiences hands on how influencers are approaching our clients. In most cases our hotel clients get between 40-60 requests a week from influencers from all over the world for a free stay in exchange for a number of postings on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and such. This is quite a reckless and above all manual exercise, there is only one tool called Valuefication that is excellent for the travel industry and will guarantee ROI, success and automize most of the process.

The importance of the hotel brand’s own online presence and impact is overseen, however this it is where every hotel marketer should start. There are countless tools out there that start and end with measuring only influencers following and geographic origin, mainly or only for the use of campaigns.

I have seen how brands blindly invite influencers based on followers, not at all thinking about impact and loyalty resulting in actual purchasing behaviour of their following. Facts show that KPI’s for influencers are hardly used in the Travel industry, and payments or ROI percentage is unclear but generally calculated as return/investment. I would like to introduce you to a tool we use and recommend to all our hospitality clients called Valuefication.

Five very important elements a brand needs to address before entering the influencers market

  1. To generate a real impact with influencers and micro influencers, you have to measure your brands online performance. This will enable you to target those influencers that impact your bottom line in real time, in line with your brand strategy. Your brand strategy should longer be a static one, it is old fashioned and ineffective as your target is a moving one, and no longer the typical one, besides that reach is global and micro. With micro I mean that people rather trust a friend or influencer that is source for valuable information.

  2. Once you have measured your social media channels and performance you will be able to tell what type of influencer really can impact your brand and sales. The next step is to measure the influencer. You will need a tool that measures the influencers, impact, loyalty, value, real followers, origin and much more. You need to push the influencer to use the same tool to make this happen.

  3. Connect with the influencers that match your brand vision or strategy. This could be an event, a launch of a new menu, a renovation or campaign. Firstly, however you need to match with influencers that can really impact your brand values and create loyalty with their following.

  4. Set KPI’s for the activities that your influencers should conform to. It’s their online CV that should match the activities or vision that your brand is planning or match the brand strategy.

  5. Ensure the marketing team of your brand has a strategy for User Generated Content (UGC). In one of the following articles I will describe how to best do this for the travel industry.

Connecting the world - Valuefication

Valuefication is the world’s first tool that can measure for brands to measure your own social media activities, see what content engages your audience, see what the impact rate is of the audience online. Your hotel, restaurant, resort or cruise liner or brand will get immediate feedback on what content and media type works for your audience.

When you follow the above steps to start with you will get matched with the influencers that have the most impact on your audience, and you can continue the process of making some serious impact and money.