What is a travel influencer and how do you find them? - Part III

What is a travel influencer and how do you find them?

Social media is rocketing with travel specialist, or at least that’s what they make believe. The impact from travel influencers can be huge, if and only if a brand matches the influencer with their own online performance, and if only KPI’s and brand strategies are met by the influencer. More so how is an influencer measured? Well after much research by CNN travel and the likes, it seems to be purely based on followers, and that’s where it goes wrong to start with. As guideline an influencer with 100,000 followers should be paid 1000USD or equivalent. No wonder the results might be disappointing and hotels in top locations like the Maldives, are turning away influencers.

Note that Influencer marketing is currently by far the best method to connect people with your brand story. To find, attract and sign up the influencer loyal to your brand and moving people by real time social media messages connected and reflecting your brand story is extremely complicated, and mostly done manually.

Again as a marketer for a hotel or resort don’t be thrown by just number of followers as the only measure. The number of followers tell you nothing about impact, ROI, skill in story telling, or a following that might be remotely interested in buying a stay from you. Living in Sweden influencers have long come and gone, the fake followers, bots and total irrelevance of content has resulted in the collapse of certain influencers, and more will follow. Would you not think that when you are spending serious marketing money, you would want to at least know, impact, true followers, loyalty and such to drive your profitability.

Below an image of who can influence your brand.

An old fashioned journalist, A local successful entrepreneur, Your uncle, An influencer of a brand of another industry that you identify with, A top frequent traveller, the real professional influencer, A politician, indeed anybody can be an influencer as long as you have a loyal following.

Forget the manual search or processing of the influencer, there is a tool called Valuefication that can find, attract and connect you with the ultimate influencer for your brand, your campaign and story telling. Naturally as described in the previous article you need to start with measuring your own brand first.

I recently connected a national PR guru or brand ambassador with my client, a resort in the Maldives. Following about 70k+ on Insta, a profile who gets respect for his word. His story about his son on the island, created a story in line with the kids and family approach on the island. To my knowledge was followed by 56 room nights worth about 500,000USD excluding Food & Beverage in bookings within 2 weeks directly during and after their stay.

You decide whether influencer marketing can be of benefit to you, my judgement and the facts are clear; use it wisely and you can certainly make a difference.