Matching brand values with Influencers - Part IV

Matching brand values with Influencers.

Another day another Dollar, that’s probably how marketing is seen in many eyes. I remember working in operations in large hotels and the empty seats in the restaurant were blamed on the sales & marketing department. Nowadays hotels tend to understand the value of a stand-alone operation of the restaurant. All unnecessary elements within a hotel of what impacts the operation of a restaurant are ripped and profitability follows. This is the same for marketing.

A restaurant on the main street in Paris makes every effort to get a place on the map, and knows it needs to address those that will impact sales. Influencer marketing is not just for the big fish, all industries can benefit from it. In my previous articles I described the importance of your own online brand value and matching that with an influencer in line with your brand or campaign values or strategies. I also wrote about the influencer and who that person actually is or can be for your brand.

One step further in the process you need to connect with those influencers who have impact. This is called User Generated Content, the content that a brand can use because a message has been posted online. To commence this, you need to have a brand that is moving, and not static. The biggest mistake these days is that the brand or marketing strategy does not move in the marketplace. In the old days a brand was set in stone, the values, the key elements and such. Millennials spend on average 4-5 hrs a day on social media consuming messages that are spread all over the internet and social media. Imagine the value of those with actual impactful reach. They might be difficult to find manually but with the right tool it is not difficult at all. The rest is left to manage, the communication, the sharing of content and the ‘hiring’ of the right influencer.

A Local Tresures Hotel

Once a brand has engaged an influencer, goals and KPI’s need to be established to ensure a valuable partnership. Over the years of the influencer development, starting with celebrities, it has become clear that the impact of an influencer can be huge for a brand. Therefor to get most out of a partnership elements that are important to a brand need to be highlighted. These element could be upcoming seasonal events like Christmas or Wedding packages or the launch of a newly renovated floor, as well as normal experiences like the design of the rooms, or anything such that is worth talking about. Remember that travellers want an experience just like the new booking company is doing called Local Treasures, and the influencer is potentially the best to describe that in image, video or text, but they clearly have to know what they should be highlighting.

Mocinno recommends automating the entire process of valuating the brand & an influencer and matching them to deliver the optimal sales. The tool to be used is called Valuefication.