No way I want a ‘home away from home’!

The leap into conceptual design for hotels is greater than ever. We cannot just see that in the many new brands that are popping up within hospitality, but more so in the demand from customers. Over 80% of travelers now want a local stay, get to know the culture, and stay in a room that feels memorable, or even inspires to decorate home.

Mocinno, the international consulting company continuing to grow conceptual design. This means an entire process that requires much more than ‘as view’ on what a hotel property should look like. It should entail storytelling within the concepts created, or an entire experience that the traveler will never forget. And certainly, design and architecture are vital elements in that. In fact, with conceptual design hotels can reach an entirely new market segment, willing to pay more and remain loyal.

This is also why we launched Joonze, a unique technology that drives the curious traveler to small, independent and boutique hotels, and combines that with experiences that match the travelers’ needs.

The elements required by us to create the ultimate experience for travelers are:

  • Strategy – this starts with research

  • ROI – Return on investment, this clearly is the aim for every property owner or senior management, but often forgotten in the financing process.

  • Marketing – Directly connected with the above is aiming your conceptual design for your hotel towards the ultimate market segment at the right price.

  • Concept – What is required to create an atmosphere that reflects local, and what materials and produce are available to the designer.

  • Design – One to remember and love and even bring the inspiration home

  • Operations – All of the above must compliment excellent service in line with customer expectations. Seems easy, in reality there are huge gaps.

If you ask our clients and hotels we partner with, ‘home away from home’, is a phrase long forgotten. Personal luxury is the new premium, and let’s face it, you travel because you seriously need to get away from your forever environment, whether for business or leisure purposes!

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Now go and explore!

Jeroen Gulickx