The natural way to create a great kid’s club for travellers

These days most parents encounter a lot of sustainable options when it comes to their kids, whether this be for food, drinks, toys or ways to contribute to aiding the environment. Although things are heading in the right direction, there’s clearly still a lot of scope for improvement. Educating children about sustainability is the driver for the future and thankfully kids are capable of processing a lot of information about taking care of their planet at a very young age.

I am fortunate enough to be a part of a team of storytellers, creators, developers and conceptual designers, who have an in depth knowledge of kids behaviours and needs. I am talking about Stoerrr Kids Concepts, a Netherlands based company who are in their element when working on projects where clients truly want to make a difference. They have successfully created and implemented kid’s club concepts worldwide.

Every concept they create takes the local environment into account and helps to aid the development of the child, in a playfully educational way and teaches children about important aspects in life, such as sustainability and ecology. Their clients vary from hotels, school playgrounds, pop up concepts, cruise liners, to holidays parks. The complete realization of every concept includes storytelling, interior design, exterior design and architecture.

Stoerrr recently launched their new concept ‘Bring Nature back to the kids’, which uses products, ideas, designs and stories inspired by nature.

With this concept they create a strong connection with nature to boost the physical and mental wellbeing of children. It works on many different levels, including healthy eating and playful learning about local cuisines (rather than eating a greasy slice of Pizza) plenty of exercise through fun adventure games and treks through the nature close by and a well thought out use of natural products for the design of the kids areas, instead of using typical gawdy coloured plastic slides.

For every client and project they use the following process:

· The master plan and style guide

· Concept creation and Story telling

· Architectural and interior design

· Playground creation

The ultimate goal is quite simple. To educate, entertain and inspire kids in a playful manner, while they enjoy a stunningly designed kids club. Once they return home feeling refreshed and fit and healthy, they can take their new found knowledge with them and further develop their deeper respect for our beautiful planet. And let’s not forget another plus side to this rejuvenating concept. While the kids are busy having the time of their lives on holiday, tired parents can recharge their batteries with some welcome sunning by the pool.

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