Delivering Incremental Profits Since 2007

Mocinno Hospitality

Mocinno International, now the Mocinno Hospitality Group started small in 2007, with a dedicated team to improve operations using the Six Sigma methodology. Since then we have grown into a company with offices in Stockholm, Dubai, London and Palma, investing in clients, innovation, concept strategies and technology.

Mocinno International Consulting

Since 2007, the Mocinno team deliveres increased profits and process improvement in the following areas:

* Operations

* Sales & Marketing

* Food & Beverage

* Concept development

* Procurement

* Spa & wellness

Glass of Milk


Mocinno Invests in Technology and Innovation.

The following companies are part of the Mocinno Hospitality Group:

Glass of Milk

Concept Strategy and Development

Concept1972 is a Hospitality firm with focus on Concept development for Real Estate, Hotels, Restaurants and other public spaces that require the ultimate return on investment. Concept1972 is yet another Mocinno Hospitality company.