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We invite you to view our extensive portfolio of hospitality consulting services at Mocinno International. With a dedicated number of  industry experts, our strategic services meet the needs of companies all shapes and sizes, from small firms to bustling multinationals. Mocinno International business improvement projects deliver time-tested, significant, and lasting changes with measurable growth.

Services: Service
St Regis, Kid's Club

Hotel Consulting

Be the Expert

Mocinno International is your address for hospitality development. We examine what organizations in and outside the hotel industry are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world, and which ones are doing it best.


We strategize using smart Six Sigma tools and global resources to understand data and implement Strategies throughout the Hotel operation and brand. The Hospitality Consulting team, with many years of operational experience, have identified that over 84% on average of marginal growth is directly related to sales. Whether that is pricing, account management, e-commerce, marketing or public relations, depends very much on the existing level of emphasis of the company.


Cost is not less important and growth can be great if costs can be contained. Certainly costs remain a challenge for most companies in the hospitality industry, not the least payroll costs.


Image: St Regis Maldives

Consulting Kids Club Development - Koen Crommentuin

Soneva Jani Marketing Mocinno.jpg

Customer & Strategy Marketing

Ciao 4 P's

The 4 P's are dead, well almost. Content driven marketing strategies have clearly taken over, from the old fashioned marketing ways. These will however only be successful when steered by solid client market segmentation based on data and research. Strategic marketing is key to developing your brand, service or hotel. Mocinno International specializes in initiating, planning and implementing significant efforts, with traditional as well as digital marketing.

Luxury Hotel representation
Strategic marketing is key to developing your brand, service or hotel. Mocinno International specializes in initiating, planning and implementing significant marketing efforts, with traditional as well as digital marketing. Events and representation in the Nordic countries, The Netherlands and Belgium is an additional service that completes marketing and sales efforts. Clients are small luxury boutique hotels, as well as small independent hotel chains.

Image: Soneva Group
Sales & Marketing Strategy Mocinno

W Hotel Brand Leadership Mocinno.jpg



With years of experience with countless branding projects, we’re ready to take your business to the next level. At Mocinno International, we combine our insights with data and market knowledge on how to transform your company. Areas of focus are:
•Strategy development and implementation
•Company Culture building -Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values
•Culture building -Strategy and Implementation
•Customer Experience –delivering on the Brand Promise
•Branded Concept Development
•Internalization of your brand promise through Service Culture development and implementation
•Brand experience activation
•Education – Program development, facilitation and reinforcement

Image: W Hotels EAME
W Brand Leadership Robyn Pratt

Innovation 1sqmtr Hotel Gym Mocinno Casall.png

Concept Development


Mocinno International is a specialist in concept development. Team members with complementing skills, geographical and cultural experiences will lead start up or pre-opening concepts for Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Café’s, Spa’s and Hospitals.
The concept strategy is based on facts collected from previous or new research in line with the Six Sigma methodology. The partners will develop a concept that is right for your location, and the market segment that is needed to create a successful operation.

We start with recognition of the segment followed by the allocation of resources and team members. The team plans the marketing plan simultaneously to ensure that strategy is in line with goals and objectives that need to be reached through pricing, planning, marketing and operations.
Within the budget planning, we participate to offer the ultimate operational set up, that maximizes payroll and creates the ultimate work place. As well as assisting in procurement, and selecting products that suit the market segment and help creating that unique selling point for the concept.

The key to success is to stand out and yet attract the market segment that will make you and your company a success.

Image: Casall 1Sq meter Gym
Innovation Hotel Gym Mocinno & Casall team

Mocinno Spa & Wellness consulting

Spa & Wellness Consulting

Deliver wellness

Mocinno International is a hospitality company made of very highly skilled and experienced senior members with complimenting skills. The Spa team has thorough experience in creating Spa concepts, selection of products and design, as well as reviewing and developing existing Spa’s and Clinics. Mocinno focuses on guiding your Spa, Clinic or wellness brand through a focused process to deliver the ultimate development, design and operation excellence as well as concept to deliver bottom line profit.

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Start up Mocinno

Start up Concepts

From Idea to Reality

As a group of consultants we come across much opportunity. Most of ideas come from our client meetings, the travel, innovation sessions, or simply the issues that clients seem to have on returning basis. We often find solutions with our client teams, and implement changes rapidly and effectively to ensure quick return.

When we know the project has great potential we form a team to develop or create a concept or a product that needs investment to become alive. We currently have 3 projects that are ready for investment.

Esperia Restaurant Group Food & Beverage Mocinno .jpg

Food & Beverage

Dining Extravaganza

We provide wide range of consulting services for new or existing business of all types and sizes including fine dining restaurants, casual dining, quick service, fast foods, pizzerias, taverns, banquets and caterings, hotels and resorts, bar and pubs, deli and coffee shops, cafeterias, food courts, retail food kiosk, pastry shops and bakeries, hospitals, government facilities and custom projects of all types etc.

Consulting includes anything from menu engineering to Standard operating Procedures, as well as Concept development, and graphic design.
Mocinno will get your idea small or big, from concept to reality.

Image: Hotel Group Esperia
Consulting Restaurant Group Adelina Barphe

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