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Coya Wellness offers both Wellness & Spa Centers creation consultancy and operational management to the hospitality industry and growing destination Wellness & Spa markets, developers and operators. We help to deliver a unique, personalized and luxurious client Spa & Wellness experience, and achieve a healthy bottom line.

We build on our expertise and Wellness & Spa knowledge combined with an understanding of your location and market to help you create a stylish and unique Wellness journey.

The Coya Wellness team takes care of every aspect of your Wellness business, including management, recruitment, therapist training, business planning, marketing and continued support throughout the life of the Wellness Center & Spa.

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Coya Wellness, under the direction of Dianna Ruas, is committed to providing a broad spectrum of treatments, ranging from the Ancient Oriental and Indigenous Traditions to the more recent techniques that are in some way a re-evaluation of the older styles of working. 

The emphasis on East/West integration is a reflection of Dianna’s own life and extensive work experience in the field of natural therapeutics, which spans some 32 years.


Services & Philosophy

Prevention, Focus, all within the Coya customized renewal experience.


Our philosophy is to combine the richness of natural rain forest ingredients, lasted research in cosmetology and professional expertise through customize prescriptions of anti-aging, rejuvenating, face and body, slim, beauty, nails, hair, body paint, holistic treatments. Coya Wellness seeks to deliver a true oasis of wellbeing, in a refined atmosphere of joy, pleasure and tranquility.

To enhance these experiences, fusion teas designed by homeopaths and lifestyle coach Ms. Dianna Ruas. All products offered and used have been carefully selected and paired with each treatment to provide a truly wellness journey.


Coya Wellness offers a range of restorative treatments and therapies designed to stimulate, purify, soothe and detoxify.


Treatments will feature a fusion of South America traditions and progressive European concepts, traditional Arabic principles, bathing rituals, Hydrotherapy, Ayurveda, Chinese, Aromatherapy, holistic body and beauty treatments, as well as a wide range of traditional beauty treatments and Cellutech.


Vibration Music Therapy and Reiki will also be offered, reflecting the spa's holistic focus. Go beyond the usual rubbing and scrubbing to be a bit more spiritual and whole-body oriented.

The Coya Juice bar will offer fresh organic fruits and vegetables.  

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Client Gallery

Castillo Son Vida Spa

Castillo Son Vida Spa

Auberge de Cassagne et Spa

Auberge de Cassagne et Spa

The Pearl Hotel Marakech

The Pearl Hotel Marakech

Portal Hills Mallorca

Portal Hills Mallorca

Orloff Spa Asti Greece

Orloff Spa Astir Athens

One Spa Edinburgh

One Spa Edinburgh


Hotel Kämp Spa

Coya Wellness & Spa Rainforest 1

Rainforest Inspired Coya Wellness

Coya Spa Dubai

Rainforest inspired Coya Spa Dubai

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Dianna Ruas originally from Brazil, is a well travelled Hospitality, Spa & Wellness professional. Her background is in Health & Wellness, and she has formed her own holistic methods, which are now used all over the world. 
Her work experience as Spa & Wellness consultant has taken her to Greece, China, the Middle East, Mexico, Guatemala, Caribbean Islands, Brazil and many other countries. Dianna is passionate about people, education and is a true people person. 


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Jeroen Gulickx is originally from Holland, where he obtained two business degrees. Later in life he also certified as black belt in Six Sigma.

Jeroen is well traveled and has extensive experience in the luxury travel segment. The main capabilities vary from streamlining cost and operational models, strategy yielding, business development, and marketing to digital marketing.
Jeroen Gulickx is writer of the book 'A Hotelier's Mind, Setting Strategy for the Future'.

Sao Paolo, Athens, Zurich, Stockholm

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